Craft Brewed Music® streams better music for serious listeners.  

We get it - playlists are for sale to the highest bidder and you just want to discover something new, cool, and different. 

And maybe even put your money in a place where it gets to the artists (we pay 50%).   

This music is craft...we have:


  • 0 major label tracks
  • 0 platinum albums
  • 0 auto-tuned vocals
  • 0 boy bands
You get the picture.  We have plenty of Grammy's, plenty of world-class voices, musicians, and writers, and plenty of music that will engage, stimulate, and transport you.

Like the music in our player?  Then don't let the major labels tell you what to listen to...

Becoming a tastemaker is easy:


  • Download the Craft Brewed Music® app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Complete a simple registration that includes selecting an artist to receive a referral royalty (supporting indie artists will feel good!)
  • Choose to sample 10 songs for free, or subscribe to the whole collection for $5/month - less than a latte!
  • Sit back with your favorite brew and let us match it musically!  More substance.  More taste.  Better music for serious listeners.  

Discover music.  Pay artists.  Craft Brewed Music® 


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